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Soccer Balls

Top end balls (for matches), material PU double tone, PU glass shine, synthetic rubber, 3ply canvas, 2ply polyester+2ply cotton, weight 440grams (+/- 10gms), inflate 7-8.

Printed balls (For training purpose), Real leather split, synthetic rubber, Florescent PU/PVC, High gloss PU/PVC, Double tone PVC, Ultra shine PVC, Fine grain PVC, 3ply heavy canvas, 4ply cotton, 3ply cotton+1ply polyester, 4ply fine cotton, 410grams, 415grams, 430grams, 435grams, 7-8; 6-7 inflate.

Promotional (Shinning PVC), 3ply heavy cotton, 2ply heavy cotton, 2ply fine cotton, 1ply cotton, 260gms, 290gms, 310gms, 330gms, 350gms, 370gms, 4-5; 3-4; 2-3; 1-2 inflate.

Beach Volley balls, Hand balls, Rugby balls, Net balls and Mini balls (Size 0-1) No child labour is involved in the production of goods.
{Quality: All balls fitted with superior quality latex bladder}

There is nothing complicated about taking care of a football:-

  • Do not kick against a wall. They can become warped and your ball will wobble when kicked.
  • Do not stand or sit on your footballs.
  • Every time you inflate a football, the needle should be lubricated with liquid soap, glycerine, silicon oil or another lubricant. This preserves it from abrasion and an eventual blasting of the valve. (However; some
    people use spit...Yuk, but that is not recommended).
  • For the first time, inflate the football to 80 - 90% of the recommended pressure and inflate to the recommended pressure the next day.
  • We recommend that you reduce the air pressure in your football, after a game, to reduce the amount of stress on the ball seams or stitching.
  • Therefore, invest in a good ball pump, have a supply of inflation needles and lubricant and use a low pressure gauge to measure for correct inflation.