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Pot holders

Plain Weave, Striped, Checked Dobby Design, Plain, Stripe & Checked Design Jacquard Weave, Oxford Weave, Satin Weave and Drill & Twill Weave in different count & constructions as per your requirement. Products are available in wide range of variety and styles.

Production: After the yarn is procured from the mill, it undergoes Dyeing - Weaving - Stitching / Tailoring and Finishing stages. Finally the finished products are thoroughly inspected for final delivery. No child labour is involved in the production of goods.

Cotton & its blends, Linen, Voile, Polyester - handloom/power loom in plain, dobby & jacquard weave and voile. Ring spun or opened quality yarns (Single Counts like 2s to 20s ; Double Counts like 2/2s to 2/20s, as per your requirement )
Pot holder is a must-have item in everyone's kitchen and for those ad-special companies dealing into promotional products for hotel/hospitality industry. A potholder is a small fabric pad which is used to handle hot cooking utensils. Cotton potholders are widely in use because these pot holders are highly durable and can withstand multiple washes and ironing at the highest temperature. The colors also stay sharp. They are capable of rapidly absorbing and yielding moisture and provide plenty of insulation that helps in heat resisting. Made to coordinate with the oven mitten, apron, table runner and place mats, the linen or cotton pot holders are skillfully created to complete the set. They have immense practical usage of giving an exceptional heat protection.

The highly elegant cotton pot holders can be created in innumerable styles to provide grace. They may have square or round shapes with a rich medley of color combinations and patterns. They are available in both traditional and modern designs that appeal to the buyers.