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Plain Weave, Striped, Checked Dobby Design, Plain, Stripe & Checked Design Jacquard Weave, Oxford Weave, Satin Weave and Drill & Twill Weave in different count & constructions as per your requirement. Products are available in wide range of variety and styles.

Production: After the yarn is procured from the mill, it undergoes Dyeing - Weaving - Stitching / Tailoring and Finishing stages. Finally the finished products are thoroughly inspected for final delivery. No child labour is involved in the production of goods.

Cotton & its blends, Linen, Voile, Polyester - handloom/power loom in plain, dobby & jacquard weave and voile. Ring spun or opened quality yarns (Single Counts like 2s to 20s ; Double Counts like 2/2s to 2/20s, as per your requirement )

Did you ever think about Aprons as a Christmas gift? A lovely vintage Apron wrapped up with recipe cards, or a funky, sassy modern Apron for the hip housewife, or even a manly barbeque Apron for the grillin' man, Aprons are a universally perfect gift!
One of the people down the hall handed us an important message this morning. And it was wrapped in an apron -- which we're now fighting over…..An apron for Top Chef. The apron is so chic, it makes us want to start cooking!