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Sweat Shirts

Top zip; full zip, hooded, round neck, with complete embroidery, printing & labeling solutions. You can have your own neck & flag label with your branding

Fabric: 100%cotton or mix blends in desired GSM

Cozy and warm, a sweatshirt is the first thing you think of for your next ad-campaign. You know that everyone would grab it, when they've got the chills. A sweatshirt can be a useful and fashionable addition to anyone's wardrobe, thus making it an outstanding choice for a promotional item. It’s an indicator of your product identity. A casual pullover can suggest a brand identity that is a class above the rest. Your choice of style can give your client or customer base a strong impression of the way you do business.
Sweatshirts can last a long time even with repeated cleaning. Regardless of the style, a careful washing and drying routine will promote long-term use of a promotional sweatshirt. The best way to maintain the integrity of a sweatshirt is to avoid drying on high heat. This will maintain the color and integrity of the material.

A sweatshirt is a promotional giveaway that will be appreciated by everyone. There is always a use for a warm sweatshirt, no matter what the season. Even in the warm summer months, it's great to have one to wear in a cold air-conditioned building. Sweatshirts are also a smart solution for travel because they are light, versatile and don't wrinkle when packed.